I wish this year will be the happiest and best for you.
Balinese simple offering.

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Wishing a happy New Year!

This year is the year of the dog.

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The land of smiles

The land of smiles thailand.

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ROOTOTE × Takeshi Hashimoto ~2017~

The new tote bags featuring my photos have been released by ROOTOTE.
They are smaller vertical shaped than the previous ones, making them easier to carry around.
Sold at official ROOTOTE stores and its online stores.
Hope you will like them!

~Online Store~

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year♪
This is the year of the Rooster!

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Hong Kong

Night view!

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Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, sri Lanka

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Ancient City of Sigiriya, sri Lanka

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Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya, sri Lanka

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Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

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I am very pleased to announce that ROOTOTE, a Japanese tote bag brand, sells three types of tote bags that have my photos printed.
They are sold at ROOTOTE shops in Japan and online.
The bags are sturdy and hold quite a lot of things inside.
Hope you will like them!


〜Online Store〜

〜Store Information 〜

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monkey monkey monkey

Happy New Year♪
This is the year of the monkey!

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Kudaka Island,Okinawa

Kudaka Island,Okinawa

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Cape Zampa,Okinawa

Cape Zampa,Okinawa

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In between being sunny and cloudy.

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Mt Jonen and Mt Chogatake

Mt Jonen and Mt Chogatake in Japan's Northern Alps.

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Candi Prambanan

I feel so attached to Hindu Gods.

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Stupa and sunrise.

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Rice Terraces in Jati Luwih

Rice Terrace!

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Pura Luhur Tanah Lot

Sunset and a man at Tanah Lot .

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Machu Picchu

I was so moved when I caught the sight of Machu Pichu from the bus running through jungles.

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Nazca Lines

I was able to photograph all the famous ones, thanks to detailed lectures by our tour coordinator and miracles. Nazca Lines are very mysterious.

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Garganta del Diablo-Iguazu,Argentina

Massive power!

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World Water Wellness

I took part in the "World Water Wellness, Jabu Jabu @ Meguro River Creaters" Project, which Mr. Akira Yahata, a marine adventurer, and Mr. Eiki Danzuka, a landscape designer, are organizing and running.
I walked in the Meguro River in Nakameguro, where I used to live for six or seven years, and took photographs as we collect garbage.

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This is for the one who loved flowers.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
It snowed a lot over the new year in my hometown.

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Martini at Hotel Majestic Saigon that Takeshi Kaiko loved.

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A woman who said she liked horizons.

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Mt. Kaikomagatake

From Kuroto Ridge, Mt. Kaikomagatake

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Kamikochi is where gods come down on the earth. 

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Longing for spring

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horse horse horse

This is the year of the horse!

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Chichibu Night Festival

Chichibu Night Festival!

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A rock ridge

From Mt, Kitahotaka.

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I received a purple belt from Watanabe sensei.
I cannot thank you enough for your support, Watanabe sensei, John Carlos sensei, John Paulo sensei, all the senpai's and everyone at AXIS. 

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Longing for spring

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Happy New Year!

I spent the new year's day in my hometown.
I have become used to the winter in Tokyo, but I feel the winter most, when I see the dark gray-colored sky, and feel the snow that contains a lot of humidity and the chilliness, like in Hokuriku.

In Japan it is said that there are twenty-four seasons. I would like to spend every day feeling each season.
Thank you for your continued help in this new year.

by takeshihashimoto | 2013-01-06 22:06 | Personal

Mt. Akadake

I climbed Mt. Akadake, part of the Yatsugadake Mountains.
I like the moment when I inhale the crisp air that I feel might freeze my lung! 

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Today, my birthday, was a special day, no matter how old I become.

by takeshihashimoto | 2012-10-28 22:52 | Personal

Mt. Tsurugi

As I imagined, looking at it from far and climbing it, Mt. Tsurugi was a good mountain for both mind and body.

by takeshihashimoto | 2012-09-30 21:35 | Personal

Full Moon

It's a full moon tonight!

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I went to Fukushima to help "LOVE FOR NIPPON."
Photo taken at Fukushima Horse Racing Course.

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I went to Hawaii.
I watched a turtle basking in the sun, thinking that if I go far ahead from this North Shore in Oahu Island, I will eventually reach Japan. Surprisingly, it is said that there are evidences that people were present in the fifth century on this isolated island, which is located at least about 4000 kilo meters from the closest continent.

by takeshihashimoto | 2012-07-04 21:12 | Personal


I traversed the three mountains of Houou on May 25th and 26th, and
experienced four weathers, snow, rain, cloudy and sunny.
It was a wonderful climbing, feeling slight changes in my mind responding to each weather.

by takeshihashimoto | 2012-05-29 17:22 | Personal

The Boys' Festival (tango-no-sekku)

On the fifth of May, people celebrate the healthy growth of boy children in Japan!

by takeshihashimoto | 2012-05-05 21:01 | Personal

Cherry Blossoms

We were fortunate to have full-blown cherry blossoms when school enrollment ceremonies took place all over Tokyo. Even people in a big hurry would stop walking to take a look at cherry blossoms.

Written on a full moon night

by takeshihashimoto | 2012-04-07 22:03 | Personal

March 11th

Spent a relaxing morning with my family, practiced Jiu-jitsu with buddies in the afternoon, and worked in the late afternoon. Today is my favorite friend's birthday, too. I treasure such a day

by takeshihashimoto | 2012-03-11 21:02 | Personal

Telemark Ski

I tried telemark skiing for the first time!
I have been familiar with alpine skiing since I was little, but my old habits often made it difficult to telemark ski.
It is hard to challenge a new thing, but it was very refreshing and exciting to do so for the first time in a long time.

Photo by Takashi Sekimoto

by takeshihashimoto | 2012-02-22 20:35 | Personal

Setsubun and Demons

Setsubun is the day before the beginning of spring according to the lunisolar calendar. On the evening of this day, people in Japan open the doors of their houses and drive the demons (i.e., bad luck) out of their homes by throwing handfuls of beans. Demons have been regarded not only as bad beings but also as important, strong and "close-to-god" existences. I will try to maintain pleasant relations with them.

by takeshihashimoto | 2012-02-03 22:29 | Personal

Auroras to be seen in Japan!?

There is a possibility that we may be able to see auroras in Japan from tomorrow to the day after tomorrow, generated by magnetic storms.
I have not seen auroras yet. I get excited just to think about how it would look like to me, as it is said that people would unconsciously see landscape through their hearts.

It's a new moon tonight!
The aurora pictured here is one found in a seashell.

by takeshihashimoto | 2012-01-23 23:27 | Personal

Happy New Year!

May the new year's sunrise shine far and wide and bring many good things to you all.

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Have a good day.
It's a new moon tonight!

by takeshihashimoto | 2011-12-25 14:01 | Personal

Flowing Cloud

I went to Mt. Iwo, the Yatsugadake mountain range.
Mt. Iwo is known for strong wind blowing on the top, and I felt it even harder in the winter.
Looking at a stream of gas going up and flowing over mountain tops, I also felt like there was no concept of time in the real world.
If it had not been as freezing as it was, I could have looked at it in wonder as long as I liked.

by takeshihashimoto | 2011-12-10 00:00 | Personal

new moon

It's a new moon tonight!

by takeshihashimoto | 2011-11-25 21:51 | Personal


I saw a beautiful rainbow way up in the sky over Mt. Nishi Hotaka.
I thought that it was wonderful to be able to come and go between immediate and absolute natural environments within a few hours.

by takeshihashimoto | 2011-11-18 18:10 | Personal

Western Black Rhino of Africa Went Extinct!

I thought about the differences between the two kinds of worlds, one with no Western Black Rhino alive and the other without any left.

by takeshihashimoto | 2011-11-12 13:07 | Personal

Getting ready for the winter

I recently climbed Mt. Jonen and Mt. Chogadake in Japan's Northern Alps. It's been so warm that there were only a few mountains with their peaks lightly covered with snow.

I was lucky enough to catch sight of grouses and ermines whose feathers were changing to snow-white color, and foxes who were hurrying here and there.

Winter was about to be there in a gentle pace.

- Written on a full moon night

by takeshihashimoto | 2011-11-11 00:00 | Personal


My website has been launched!
I hope you like it and keep coming back.

by takeshihashimoto | 2011-10-28 10:03 | Personal


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